Once in a while (though not in the last few years) I make videos. Here is a selection of my faves.

In an original Tablet short documentary, meet Morris Dickstein, the youngest old intellectual in New York City.

All Eyes Are Upon Us is a revelatory history of race in the Northeast during the twentieth century. This story of the Robinsons' quest to purchase a home illuminates the larger conflict at the heart of the North.

Sunday services at Vox Veniae, a Protestant church in Austin, Tex., feature a six-piece band and volunteer baristas.

Ulrich Mueller, professor of integrative biology at The University of Texas at Austin, has spent most of his professional life peering deep into the evolutionary history of leafcutter ants, a species that evolved the ability to cultivate crops tens of millions of years before humans did.

Marine scientist Ken Dunton talks about what the disappearing ice means for humans and animals in the "new" Arctic.

A short documentary about the life and influence of Abraham Maslow, the founder of humanistic psychology, narrated by Jessica Grogan, PhD. Grogan is the author of Encountering America: Humanistic Psychology, Sixties Culture, and the Shaping of the Modern Self (Harper Perennial 2013).

For the past few years astronomer Don Winget has been using the Z Machine, the world's largest x-ray generator, to create white dwarf "star stuff" here on earth.